About Phil Property Group

Welcome to Phil Property Group! We are the most trusted real estate firm throughout the Philippines.

Our licensed brokers work fulltime to make sure you will find the dream home you are looking for as quickly as possible.

The knowledge, experience, and high quality service that we offer have made us a well-known real estate business in the Philippines.

Phil Property Group the Best Name In Real Estate Business

Phil Property Group is the most trusted real estate firm among its competition in the Philippines. Our service is organized to best suit the needs of our individual customers whenever they are in the market for real estate. We are a professional and efficient team with real estate brokers that work locally and internationally. Our 10 years of experience in the real estate field has given us the expertise needed to provide the best real estate service possible. Depending on your needs, we can help you sell your house, buy a new house in your desired location, or lease any kind of real estate property.

Our ambition is to have satisfied customers! In order to achieve that, we do everything within our power to ensure that we give our customers quality attention that will bring the best results. You will be working with a team of real estate experts that genuinely care about you when you hire us for your real estate service, and we work closely together with our customers to ensure their satisfaction. We do not spend money on advertisement as our satisfied customers are always ready to advertise for us.

Phil Property Group’s Core Values

Phil Property Group has become the preferred choice in the Philippines’ real estate market place. We work together as a team with five major core values, and these are professionalism, initiative,credibility, competency and dynamic.

Professionalism: We set the bar high and contributes expertise and thoroughness to strong results for the customer. Phil Property Group is the chain nationwide with the most qualified real estate agents.

Initiative: We do take a leading position when it comes to developing new initiatives and services for our customers. We have a staff of dedicated employees with a focus on renewing the business in line with social development and technological progress.

Credibility: Phil Property Group is one of the industry's most respondents’ expert sources. We have a historical penchant for data and base our opinions on the housing market knowledge, honesty and dry figures.

Trustworthy: means that we must respect the trust customers have in us. We must through to be credible provide stability, security and overview so that both buyer and seller afterwards think back on residential property transactions as a really good experience, and would recommend us to others.

Competent: means that we put ourselves thoroughly into each property matter, so we can price, sell and advise on the most optimal and professional manner. We always update our knowledge and share know-how throughout our entire team.

Dynamic: means that we provide the most effective sales/rent work, and that we take active steps to inform and update our customers throughout the sales/rental cycle. We, at Phil Property Group, are flexible, willing to change and willing to help each other.